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Myths and Truths

It’s not unusual for an individual to have misunderstandings about their sexual health and opportunities for treatment of medical issues that affect their sexual satisfaction. Following are some myths and truths that you should know about sexual medicine.

MYTH #1: It’s inevitable that my sexual activity will go away when I’m in my 50s.

TRUTH: Men and women are living longer AND enjoying sexual activity later in life. While there are physiological changes that do occur with aging, there are often medical approaches to conditions that can get in the way of sexual satisfaction. That is why Skyline Urology offers a comprehensive approach that will get you back the game at any age.

MYTH #2: I’ve heard there is nothing that can be done for my particular problem.

TRUTH: Skyline Urology experts have an array of options to discuss with you, no matter what your concern. Sometimes patients just don’t want to discuss something as private or embarrassing as their sexual concerns so they avoid seeking help. Our sexual medicine experts and their team are professionals who care about what you care about, and they are eager to help.

MYTH #3: I tried Viagra for my ED, and it didn’t work, so I am hopeless.

TRUTH: Erectile dysfunction drugs advertised heavily to consumers are often helpful – but not always. There is no reason to give up hope if a particular medication has not been effective for you. The Skyline Urology experts will evaluate your situation, what medication you have tried, if any, and offer alternatives to address the issue.

MYTH #4: My partner is going to have prostate cancer surgery, so I know that’s the end of our sex life. I’m too worried about his health anyway.

TRUTH: Many prostate cancer patients are candidates for minimally-invasive surgeries that will minimize unwanted side effects, including the possibility of impotence. Prostate cancer patients should discuss surgical options with their physicians and educate themselves about possible consequences and opportunities to address those. At Skyline Urology, we offer prostate cancer patients a pre-surgery consultation to discuss steps for resuming sexual activity after surgery.

MYTH #5: I don’t have orgasms like I used to. I guess that’s just part of getting older.

TRUTH: Men and women can experience a variety of orgasmic disorders that may or may not be related to aging. Skyline Urology can help you evaluate your concern and offer options for addressing your concern in order to resume the level of sexual satisfaction that you desire.