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Treatment Options and Technology

Your radiation oncologist will talk with you about your optimal treatment plan, utilizing the most appropriate equipment to deliver that treatment. The goals of this treatment are to kill the cancer cells while preserving your healthy tissue and minimize any adverse side effects that may occur. As you will see from the technology descriptions below, our Skyline Radiation Oncology experts will offer a personalized approach to providing you with radiation treatment to meet your specific needs.

Varian Medical Systems TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

This latest generation of radiotherapy technology uses non-invasive tumor-destroying radiation to treat cancers throughout the body while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue. This powerful technology is precise, accurate and fast, providing relatively short treatment sessions for you – perhaps only a few minutes a day. The TrueBeam linear accelerator can perform many forms of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) – the most common form of radiation therapy -- in which the radiation comes from outside the body. These forms of EBRT include Rapidarc® volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

VMAT and IMRT are techniques that allow physicians to customize the radiation beam by varying or modulating the intensity of radiation delivered, allowing for high doses to attack the cancer cells while sparing the healthy organs nearby. IGRT is a technique used in combination with VMAT or IMRT that allows physicians to visualize your tumor and verify its location in order to deliver highly accurate treatments.

Another treatment option made possible by The TrueBeam Linear Accelerator is stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), an advanced form of radiation therapy that delivers a highly-focused, intense dose of radiation concentrated on the tumor itself, with limited exposure to the surrounding organs. Treatments are completed in a shorter period of approximately 1-2 weeks. SBRT is another effective treatment option for select patients who elect to have an alternative to surgery or two months of radiotherapy.

Elekta Clarity 4-Dimensional Image Guidance System

Skyline Radiation Oncology offers the Elekta Clarity, the only radiation therapy image-guidance system of its kind in Southern California. Because the prostate’s position can change at any given moment, advanced technology is needed to treat such a moving target to help avoid nearby organs. With the Elekta Clarity, for the first time, the prostate can be tracked continuously without the use of invasive markers even while the radiation beam is turned on. It provides accurate, structure-based IGRT that is helpful should the prostate gland shift or move away from the radiation beam during treatment. The Clarity Image Guidance System can detect such a change immediately so that the beam can be stopped and then resumed when the prostate returns to the position for which treatment was planned. This provides highly accurate treatment while minimizing exposure to critical organs such as the rectum and bladder.

Combined Technologies

Using the Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator in combination with the Electra Clarity Image Guidance System offers Skyline Radiation Oncology patients the only radiation therapy technique that delivers four-dimensional IGRT with continuous monitoring of the prostate. Whether patients receive VMAT, IMRT, or SBRT, they can be reassured that this combination will deliver highly precise therapy while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. Additionally, with this state-of-the-art technology, a prostate cancer patient would not have to undergo surgery for the placement of markers to help direct the radiation treatment.