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Radiation Oncology

Skyline Radiation Oncology is a Center of Excellence offering compassionate care backed by cutting-edge technology. Our experts utilize the very latest in state-of-the-art technology – some of which is not available elsewhere in Southern California - to give you safe, effective treatment to combat your cancer. Our entire team is here to answer your questions and make you as comfortable as possible.

Our physicians interact regularly to discuss the treatment options available for their patients and to monitor the effectiveness of specific therapies and combinations of therapies often prescribed in the treatment of urological cancers. Our experts utilize a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to treating cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testes.

About Radiation Therapy

More than 50 percent of all cancer patients benefit from radiation therapy (also known as radiotherapy), which uses high-energy beams to pinpoint and destroy cancer cells. While similar to an X-ray, the radiation used in cancer treatments is precise and customized to each patient’s cancer, most often delivered on an outpatient basis.

Depending on the type of cancer, radiation therapy may be recommended as the only treatment necessary to combat your disease. Or, you may benefit from radiation therapy to eliminate any residual cancer cells remaining after surgery. Radiation is also used to help shrink a relatively large, advanced tumor before surgery or chemotherapy.

In some cases, as with prostate cancer, radiation may be recommended as an initial therapy when the cancer is confined to the prostate. For certain prostate cancers, Radiotherapy may be combined with hormone therapy. Radiation is also used in cases in which there are signs that the cancer has returned after initial surgery.

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