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Questions to Ask Your Physician

At Skyline Urology, we believe it is important for you to be reassured by your medical team whenever your physician orders a particular test or tests.  Following is a list of questions that may be helpful for you in discussing laboratory services and prescribed testing for your medical care.

  • What is the actual name of this test?
  • Why is this particular test necessary for me?
  • What will the results tell you and how will that influence my care?
  • Is this a test to screen me for a particular problem or is it a test to specifically diagnose a medical issue?
  • How accurate is this test?
  • What does this test entail? Will I be giving a blood sample, a urine sample or some other specimen?
  • Will I need to prepare in any way for this test?
  • Will anesthesia be required?
  • Will there be any pain involved during or after the test?
  • Will I need to stay home/miss work to recover in any way?
  • How long before I hear from you about the results of this test?