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A cystoscopy is a urological test used to diagnose a range of conditions. It may be used to determine the source of blood in the urine, to evaluate the causes of blockages or to perform a biopsy for bladder cancer or examination of bladder stones.

Cystoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed in an outpatient setting with either local or general anesthesia. A thin, wire-like instrument called a cystoscope, which may have a camera attached, is placed through your urethra to your bladder. Your Skyline urologist will then fill the bladder with sterile fluid. Filling the bladder enables the physician to better see the interior of the bladder to diagnose any issues. Your urologist may attach a small instrument to the cystoscope to remove tissue from your bladder for biopsy, or to remove small bladder stones.

Cystoscopy is a safe and effective procedure, commonly performed with a very low risk of complications. Patients may experience some soreness after the procedure. In rare cases, patients may develop infections, increased bleeding, or strictures of the urethra.