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A biopsy is the collection of a sampling of cells or tissue from the body so that a detailed microscopic evaluation can be made in the laboratory by a pathologist. A biopsy is used in order to diagnose disease or gauge the extent or stage of that disease. Depending on the location of the biopsy, this procedure can be performed in-house by Skyline Urology experts, or at a hospital on an outpatient basis.

At Skyline Urology, an in-house biopsy may be performed on the bladder during a cystoscopy, in which the interior of the bladder is examined with a minimally invasive cystoscope inserted through the urethra. If the physician notices abnormal tissue or a tumor, a needle is attached to the cystoscope to gather a small amount of tissue for further evaluation.

For men, Skyline Urology also offers advanced prostate screening services using the in-house transrectal prostate ultrasound and biopsy. If a prostate biopsy is indicated by a finger exam of the prostate or a PSA test, an ultrasound probe may be placed in the rectum to obtain a view of the area being examined, and a small needle loaded into the probe can capture a small amount of tissue from a suspicious area.

A transrectal prostate ultrasound and biopsy takes about 10-20 minutes, and may result in some tenderness of the rectum area for approximately one hour after the procedure. There may also be some blood in the urine and stool for several days to weeks, and blood in the semen as well.