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Q:  What is the primary advantage to taking part in a clinical trial?

A: The primary advantage is that you will have access to a new drug or other innovative treatment before it is widely available to others.  At the same time, you may find great satisfaction in knowing that you participated in clinical research that may benefit you as well as other patients in the future.

Q:  Will I be treated like a “guinea pig” if I take part in a research study?

A: No.  All Skyline Urology patients receive the same personal attention and compassionate care.  In fact, patients who enroll in clinical trials often receive more frequent monitoring to track their progress while participating in the study.

Q:  How do I know that the new therapy I’m receiving will help me?

A: If you are qualified to enroll in a particular clinical trial, your Skyline Urology physician will review the clinical study with you and discuss the potential benefits.  In some studies of new drugs, a particular drug is given to some patients while a placebo is given to other patients.  In other studies, a new drug may be given to one group and the standard drug therapy could be given to another group of patients. Many patients take great comfort in knowing that even if a particular clinical trial does not benefit them, the findings may benefit patients like them in the future.

Q:  What is the downside to participating in a clinical trial?

A: It’s possible that the new treatment being studied will not be helpful to you.  It is also possible that you could develop unexpected side effects from a new drug or from a new medical device or procedure.  That said, prior to your enrollment in any clinical trial, our staff will carefully discuss all of the potential benefits and disadvantages of your participation in a particular study so that you will know exactly what to expect before you decide to take part.