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Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Tests

Prostate cancer at any stage will most like be first diagnosed as a result of a physical examination, which includes a rectal exam. Physical signs of prostate cancer, which could present with or without symptoms, would include enlargement of the organ or a lump on the organ detected by the physician.

Because of the likelihood of reoccurrence of prostate cancer in men who have been diagnosed with the disease in the past, if you have a history of prostate cancer – or a family member has had prostate cancer – you could be evaluated more thoroughly beginning at age 40 or above.

Skyline Urology has the most advanced, comprehensive diagnostic tools available in Southern California to find and treat your prostate cancer at any stage. If there is a possibility you may have advanced prostate cancer, Skyline Urology physicians will work closely with you to identify and treat the cancer and its symptoms to stop the further spread of the disease and manage any complications from the cancer or its treatment.

Tests for Advanced Prostate Cancer Include: