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Kidney Health

The Women’s Health experts at Skyline Urology offer safe, effective evaluation and treatment for diseases and conditions affecting the kidneys, specializing in a personalized, patient-centered approach which recognizes the anatomical and physiological variants between men and women. The kidneys are the chemists and filters of the body, functioning as a filter for the bloodstream and creating urine which allows the body to eliminate water and other harmful or extraneous substances. Kidneys are a component in the urinary tract system which also includes ureters, bladder, and urethra.

Kidney health is vital to the healthy functioning of many other organs and systems in the body, and while it is possible to live with only one kidney (as opposed to the two most people are born with) the complex systems and functioning of our other organs, and indeed survival itself, would be impossible without any kidney function at all.

At Skyline Urology, our physicians are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat disease of the kidney in women, offering state-of-the-art surgical treatments to resolve the most common kidney conditions.

Skyline Urology specializes in diagnosing and treating:

Our Women’s Health experts offer cutting edge urinary tract therapies including: