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Immunotherapy is a cutting edge treatment for cancer which harnesses the powers of the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Also called Immuno-oncology, this treatment can provide safe, effective treatment for bladder and other urological cancers with a minimum of side effects – and Skyline Urology is proud to be offering this advanced treatment.

During immunotherapy treatment the patient’s immune system is introduced to “antigens” which are cancerous cells, while their immune response is stimulated so that those antigens become focused targets of the disease-fighting antibodies. The immune system of the patient is bolstered as well, in order to overcome any suppression and elevate the patient’s innate ability to effectively fight, and potentially eliminate, the cancerous antigens.

Research indicates that cell-based immunotherapy, when used in combination with conventional cancer treatment, can significantly increase the efficacy of these treatments. For early stage bladder cancer, treatment includes the introduction of attenuated live bacteria into the bladder to stimulate the body to fight cancerous cells and prevent recurrence of cancer

There are new cutting edge treatment modalities  available in Southern California through the Skyline Urology Clinical Trial Program, now offering this treatment modality as part of clinical trials