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Cancer is an equal opportunity disease, striking both men and women in devastating numbers each year. Urological cancers which can affect women are among the most common forms of the disease, with nearly 75,000 new bladder cancers and 63,000 new kidney cancers diagnosed and treated annually.  Studies have shown that the early symptoms of bladder, kidney, and urethral cancers may be more difficult to detect in women than in men, so it is important to seek help from experts who specialize in Women’s Health to identify and fight these diseases in their earliest stages.

Skyline Urology is proud to be on the cutting edge of urological cancer care for women, offering advanced and integrated diagnostic procedures as well as treatments customized for your particular needs and preferences. Our specialized Women’s Health cancer program will focus on curing your disease, managing your symptoms, and minimizing the side effects of treatment, particularly those affecting females such as sexual or reproductive issues.

Skyline Urology treats the following cancers for women: