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For Women

Men and women differ in both anatomy and physiology, yet most medical centers offer identical services to both men and women for urological and other medical issues without regard to these important differences. Skyline Urology has been a pioneer in Southern California with its development of a comprehensive Women’s Health program, which answers the unique needs of women with patient-centered, targeted clinical care.

Urological problems, from common conditions to potentially life-threatening cancers, can be among the most painful medical issues experienced, especially for women. Studies have shown, furthermore, that urological conditions -- like many diseases -- present differently in women and men, with differing treatments recommended for each. With the continual improvement of diagnostic technology and medical therapies, Skyline Urology is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, "state of the art" urologic care in an environment that is professional yet personal, where your clinical needs are understood and treated with attention to your personal concerns and preferences.

High quality urological expertise, delivered with grace and compassion, is the hallmark of Skyline Urology – and our success has allowed our Women’s Health services to expand to offer women throughout Southern California a safe, effective resource for their urological care.

Skyline Urology provides cutting edge diagnostic procedures and treatments for: