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Pre/Post Prostate Surgery Rehabilitation

Men who undergo prostate surgery may experience sexual side effects in the form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) during recovery, and in some cases this can be a permanent consequence. To help minimize ED which results from prostate surgery, and restore erectile function, Skyline Urology offers pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation for prostate patients, providing a comprehensive plan personalized to your urological needs.

Despite the urologist’s goal of sparing as many nerves as possible in prostate surgery, using the newest surgical techniques when possible, the nerve tissue following surgery does not initially function well. Inflammation related to the dissection and blood, as well as the stretch on the nerve tissue is likely related to the delay in sexual function recovery. The duration of the dysfunction after surgery will depend on your age, your preoperative function, and the degree of nerve damage resulting from the surgery. Our goal is to anticipate the condition with pre-operative care, and provide aggressive therapeutic rehabilitation after surgery to return you to normal erectile function.

Before Surgery

The sexual rehabilitation program for Skyline Urology prostate patients begins with a regimen of medications like Viagra normally beginning one week before surgery. We will also write a prescription for a VED (vacuum erection device) before surgery, so that you will be familiar with its function and use before you are required to use it post-surgery.

You will be encouraged to discuss your anxieties and concerns about prostate surgery and subsequent sexual function with your physician, and Skyline Urology will work with you to answer these concerns or refer you to a counselor for psychological support.

After Surgery

Following prostate surgery, early intervention is key to re-establishing prostate and erectile function. If left too long, the oxygen-rich arterial blood flow to the penis, which happens during an erection, might be lost for several weeks following surgery, and could lead to penile tissue scarring (corporal fibrosis), penile shortening, and permanent erectile dysfunction.

Skyline Urology Men’s Health experts will work with you to achieve at least three penile erections per week to reduce serious or permanent sexual side effects while the cavernosal nerves are healing.

Skyline Urology remains on the cutting edge of new therapies to enhance prostate surgery recovery and minimize sexual side effects such as ED or orgasmic dysfunction, using methods including:

  • Oral medications
  • Penile injection therapy
  • VED

We realize that sexual function may not be your first concern when facing prostate cancer and surgery, but sexual dysfunction remains the single most common long-term issue faced by many males who have undergone prostate surgery. Let Skyline Urology be your trusted partner in recovering your healthy sexual function after prostate surgery – with our groundbreaking, integrated pre/post prostate rehabilitation program.