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The male orgasmic disorder known as “Anorgasmia”, also known as Coughlan’s Syndrome, is a condition whereby orgasm is unable to be achieved, regardless of medical or sexual stimulation.

While anorgasmia is more common for women, and is often caused by psychological factors for both males and females, there are cases in which either a disease or the treatment for that disease can cause male anorgasmia which can be diagnosed and potentially resolved.

If left untreated, anorgasmia can result in sexual frustration, depression, and an inability to adequately achieve intimacy with your relationship partner. Furthermore, anorgasmia which is caused by physical issues can be an important indicator of an undiagnosed condition which should be resolved.

Causes & Risk Factors

Male anorgasmia can be caused by either physical or psychological conditions.

Some of the physical causes for anorgasmia affecting men might include:

  • Medications, particularly those SSRIs which are used to treat mood disorders
  • Pelvic injury or surgery
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Removal of the prostate (prostatectomy)
  • Hormonal imbalance or condition affecting hormones
  • Drug or alcohol abuse, particularly opiate addiction
  • Cauda Equina syndrome

Psychological or mental causes for male anorgasmia include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety about sexual performance
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Dissatisfaction with sexual partner
  • History of sexual or other psychological abuse


Treatment for male anorgasmia varies depending on the cause, and your Skyline Urology physician will first determine if the origin of the disorder is psychological or physical. You will likely be given a complete physical examination, with blood tests to gauge live function, testosterone, thyroid function, hormonal imbalance, blood sugar, and other indicators. Your physician may also check for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other sexual and reproductive disorders.

If the anorgasmia is induced by medications, such as SSRI, you may be treated with medications such as Viagra. There may also be medications you can take or apply topically if the cause is hormonal, to stabilize your system and return to normal sexual function.

Other treatment plans will be customized for your particular case, and may include:

  • Elimination of external stressors
  • Management of medications
  • Psychosexual therapy
  • Testosterone supplementation

At Skyline Urology, we will work closely with you to determine the root cause of your anorgasmia, and alleviate the condition if possible with the most advanced clinical therapies available in Southern California.