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No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a minor and nearly painless surgical procedure to interrupt the sperm transport from the testes to the urethra by blocking the vas deferens, or tubes which carry the sperm. The procedure usually takes about 10 minutes and is often used as a method of birth control, because there is no sexual side effects from the procedure.

This popular surgery, performed on more than 500,000 men annually in the United States, has been advanced recently with the adoption of the No Needle, No Scalpel Vasectomy. Skyline Urology is proud to offer this cutting edge technique in our Men’s Health program for a safer, less painful patient experience.

No Needle Technique

A traditional vasectomy begins with the numbing of the testes and scrotum with injected anesthesia. In the cutting edge “No Needle” vasectomy, the need for injection is eliminated with the use of a hydrospray or jet anesthesia, which is sprayed directly onto the skin of the scrotum to achieve numbness.

The jet anesthesia is applied painlessly, and lasts for the same amount of time as the injected method – up to 90 minutes. This is ample time for your Skyline Urologist to complete the surgery which typically takes less than 10 minutes.

No Scalpel Surgery

In the traditional, open incision vasectomy the urologist will make a small cut or series of cuts in the testes, creating an opening through which the vas deferens is pulled through and cut, sutured or cauterized, and put back in place. The no-scalpel method involves making a puncture incision instead of a cut, which is then stretched with a surgical clamp to enlarge the opening. Unlike a traditional incision which requires suturing and follow-up care, the puncture incision is simply allowed to heal naturally, minimizing postoperative care and discomfort.

Skyline Urology is proud to lead the way in providing our male patients with a nearly painless option for birth control, using the No Needle, No Scalpel method for vasectomies whenever possible. Our team of board-certified urologists are dedicated to providing the most advanced therapeutic treatments using cutting edge, minimally invasive techniques to minimize pain, stress, and recovery time for our patients.