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Male Fertility

Across the United States, approximately one in 10 couples have difficulty getting pregnant, with about 30 percent of these cases caused by infertility in males. If you have had regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for six months to a year or longer without conceiving, let Skyline Urology help you determine the cause and treatment of your condition.

Statistics show that more up to 50% of those couples who undergo infertility treatment are able to achieve pregnancy afterwards, and the Men’s Health experts at Skyline Urology will provide you with patient-centered care which includes the most advanced diagnostic tools and therapies available for common urological issues impacting fertility in men.

Our experts are also highly trained in providing both traditional and minimally invasive vasectomy, for those couples who no longer want to conceive.  Regardless of your fertility needs, Skyline Urology’s Men’s Health team can help with comprehensive evaluation and safe, effective treatment.

Skyline Urology offers the following male fertility procedures: