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Male Pelvic Health

Pelvic health issues can be both common and complex, and often the pelvic conditions which affect men and women differ significantly in their cause, presentation, and therapies required to resolve or manage the issue.  Recognizing and understanding these difference, and providing patient-centered care for men experiencing pelvic health concerns, is what sets Skyline Urology apart from other urology services in Southern California.

Skyline Urology’s Men’s Health program offers the advanced and effective solutions to treat common pelvic health concerns in males such as incontinence and difficulty urinating.  Our specialists will evaluate and diagnose your condition using both a wide range of  diagnostic procedures, personalized for your needs, such as microwave therapy, incontinence biofeedback, and PSA testing and evaluation of elevated PSA.

While many men find it uncomfortable to discuss potentially embarrassing pelvic health issues, but left untreated many of these conditions can worsen and cause pain or permanent damage over time. Our physicians are trained to identity and help resolve these issues, resulting in an enhanced quality of life for you. Trust the Skyline Urology experts with your pelvic health concerns – and we will make it our priority to help you with expert, personalized care. 

Skyline Urology addresses the male pelvic health concerns: