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Kidney Health

Skyline Urology offers safe, effective evaluation and treatment for diseases and conditions affecting the kidneys, specializing in a comprehensive clinical approach which recognizes the difference in biology and anatomy between men and women. Kidney health is vital to the healthy functioning of many other organs and systems in the body, as they supervise and filter the blood supply to separate harmful substances while maintaining and bolstering beneficial substances in the blood stream and creating urine to eliminate waste. The kidneys are a key component in the urinary tract system which also includes ureters, bladder, and urethra.

Normally we have two kidneys to perform the complex functions essential to survival, but it is possible to live a healthy life with only one if a kidney is removed for disease or injury, or donated. It is not possible to live, however, without kidney function at all – so it is important that diseases and conditions of the kidneys should be diagnosed and treated as rapidly and completely as possible.

The Men’s Health experts at Skyline Urology specialize in diagnosing and treating:

The advanced treatments offered at Skyline Urology to enhance kidney health in men includes: