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Bone Scan

If you are suspected to have advanced prostate cancer, your Skyline Urologist may evaluate the spread and effects of the disease through the use of a bone scan. A bone scan utilizes nuclear technology to measure new growths in bones. A very weak radioactive tracers, called a radioisotope is injected into the body, which then attaches itself to bone and is read by a specialized camera. The images from the camera will indicate if there is abnormality of the bone, and this can be used to gauge the extent of the metastasis or the damage done by the disease.

Bone scanning allows your Skyline Urology physician to detect bone tumors, degradation of bone, and other abnormalities or fissures which are too minor to be detected using standard x-ray technology.

The risks involved with a bone scan are minimal, as the amount of radiation used is less than in one traditional chest x-ray. However, pregnant women and those who may be allergic or sensitive to the radioisotope will not be recommended to receive this test, in most cases.