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Skyline Urology experts are committed to providing the most advanced care in the region, and to continually staying on the cutting edge of new treatments and diagnostic procedures for a wide variety of urological conditions. One way we do this is by participating in clinical trials, which are research-based studies led by Skyline Urologists working to developing safer, more effective therapies for our patients.

Skyline currently participates in active clinical trials researching new drug therapies to treat advanced prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and over-active bladder. Skyline Urology experts also participate in clinical trials advancing immunotherapy, treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), benign prostalic hyperplasia (BHP), Peyronie’s Disease, and more.  Our experts are contributing to finding new chemotherapy drugs, creating more effective medical and surgical devices, and furthering the limits of genetic testing in ongoing clinical studies.

Many of these clinical trials are national projects sponsored by the National Cancer Institute or industry leaders such as medical device or pharmaceutical companies. For those patients who are eligible to participate, these trials may provide access to therapies which are not yet available to the public in a controlled and monitored setting.

Patient safety is our highest priority in any decision to participate in a clinical trial, so there is a rigorous oversight by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to maintain the integrity of the study and the safety of those involved. There is specific eligibility criteria defined for each study, and your Skyline expert will discuss with if there are any clinical trials which might be beneficial in your treatment.

Open Clinical Trials: